Hey, there. I’m Randy!

and I’m the perfect person to help you become an unstoppable social force

I am a sociologist, a two-time Amazon bestselling author, the founder and editor in chief of Society Today, and a total geek about creating social and political change.

Back in the day, I used to teach the course on Social Problems at George Mason University. My students always started out curious and passionate. But after 15 weeks of dwelling on society’s greatest problems, they inevitably felt a little depressed. They didn’t just want to learn about problems. They wanted solutions.

And that’s exactly what my Impactful Activism course is all about.

Whether you’re looking for a career or simply a hobby, I’ll connect you with your inner activist, providing you with a research-based repertoire rooted in the latest, most effective techniques. It’ll cost you thousands less–and be a thousand times more empowering–than any university course.

Coming soon!