Whether You’re Liberal or Conservative, You Should Want to Torch the Two-Party System

Whether You’re Liberal or Conservative, You Should Want to Torch the Two-Party System

I don’t know what policies you want: more welfare, more tax breaks, or more free umbrellas with pink frogs painted on them. But I do know one thing:

Your preferred party can’t deliver them to you.

Want a progressive utopia? Good luck imposing that on the roughly 50 percent of the Americans who’d rather die than let that happen.

Want a conservative paradise? Ditto.

Every election season, the American people pour their blood, sweat, and tears into electing their preferred representatives … and largely cancel each other out.

And every day in Congress, those representatives from overwhelmingly red and blue districts try to advance their constituents’ preferred policies … and largely cancel each other out.

This relative stalemate has persisted for decades, with control of Congress and the presidency tipping back and forth every few years by a few percentage points.

If anything, it’s becoming more entrenched over time–as the pool of swing voters continues to shrink, the positions of these two parties drift further apart, and both parties increasingly focus on rallying their bases.

A transformative leader won’t save us.

A realignment won’t save us.

Even a mass movement operating within this two-party system can’t save us.

The only thing that can save us is the American people–liberals and conservatives alike–realizing that none of us are going to get what we want as long as this two-party duopoly keeps us pitted against each other.

It’s that way by design. The politicians, corporations, and special interests love this, because we’re flinging all our energy against each other, instead of the common cause of holding them accountable.

You may think it’s best to keep fighting for your preferred party to eek out a slight majority, and to cram the beliefs of the 51 percent down the throats of the 49 percent. But the past two decades have shown what happens instead:

Resistance. Lots and lots of resistance.

The minority pulls out all the stops to thwart the agenda of the majority, while the majority feels increasingly emboldened to disregard the minority. All the filibuster, government shutdown, debt limit, and Supreme Court shenanigans are becoming more common–and more dangerous to our democracy.

The Republican party can’t deliver on its promises.

The Democratic party can’t deliver on its promises.

Because in our current crisis, neither of these two parties is the solution to our problems.

This two-party system, in its current form, propped up by billions of dollars that keep the American people pitted against each other … is our problem.

No matter what your vision of the best possible future is, the only hope of achieving it is to join a movement to torch this two-party system that’s strangling our politics–and then we can tackle our biggest problems.

How would we actually do that in reality? Aren’t there a ton of obstacles preventing such a movement? And don’t third parties never work?

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