A Plea for the Next Four Years

A Plea for the Next Four Years

As long as our efforts are channeled against each other, 99 percent of it is going to be cancelled out by the other side.

Tomorrow, we’re inaugurating a new president.

And there will be one thousand three hundred and eighty-two days, until we get a chance to elect again.

I’m sure that in the coming days, there’s going to be a lot of conflict. A lot of attempts to push policies through, amidst a lot of resistance.

Our last president ran on change too. Our last president represented roughly half the country too, while the other half thought he was pretty much the devil, and fought against him tooth and nail.

I’m not saying those struggles aren’t important. But I think we need to use these fourteen hundred days to look at the big picture too.

We’re fortunate to live in a time when a lot of people care about what’s going on, are concerned about what’s going on, want to do something about what’s going on.

But all of that passion is channeled into a horribly divisive, red-versus-blue divide.

All of that blood, sweat, and tears is hurled against the other half of the country.

All of the power the American people are supposed to have, in this system of government, is cancelled out. Because it’s split into two roughly equal halves, and divided against itself.

If you were a political or economic elite, and you wanted to design a system that would secretly negate the power of the American people without raising alarm…you really couldn’t ask for a better arrangement.

Politicians get to align themselves with one of these two factions, ensuring themselves a large base of passionate supporters, and easy reelection in mostly safe seats. Corporations get to play both sides, and use their superior resources to push their agendas, while the people squander their resources fighting against each other.

This arrangement serves no one, except those who benefit from a divided, ineffective citizenry: the groups and organizations concerned with their own interests over the common good.

There’s going to be a lot of pressure, over the next four years, to just keep thinking of things through the lens of this red-blue divide, and channeling everything into it.

I’m not asking you to stop doing that completely. All I’m asking you to do is devote some of your time and energy to bridging that divide.

I’m asking you to recognize that as long as our efforts are channeled against each other, 99 percent of it is going to be cancelled out by the other side.

I’m asking you to acknowledge that this arrangement doesn’t benefit the American people, or the people of the world—and that we have an obligation, if there’s a better way, to figure out how to do it that better way.

I’m asking you to do something, during the next few years, to disrupt this red-blue divide.

As stuck as we seem right now, I think it’s possible. I really do.

In my previous videos, I’ve laid out ten steps. And in the coming videos, I’m going to start going into them in more detail.

I hope this can be the start of something that everyone sick of this partisan gridlock can get behind, so we can reclaim the power the American people are supposed to have from the forces that are setting us against each other, and negating that power to benefit themselves, instead of the good of the country, and the good of the world.


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